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Shabalina & Partners

Patent Attorneys, Kazakhstan

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About the Company

After the collapse of the USSR, it was necessary to establish certain institutions for intellectual property protection in the newly formed states. A Patent Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan and an Institute of Patent Agents were set up. In 1993, the first group of nine persons having patent qualification and broad experience and knowledge in that field were attested and they were issued certificates proving their right to work in that field. Galina I. Shabalina was among them.


A company of patent agents was founded in February of 2000. Galina I. Shabalina, a patent agent, and Vladimir I. Shabalin, Candidate of Science (Engineering), who was teaching at the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute and was an outside expert at the National Patent Authority at that time, became founders of the company.  

The Company was established to protect intellectual property rights of foreign and national applicants and owners of intellectual property.

Before the year of 2000, Galina I. Shabalina has worked in one of the largest companies of patent agents in Kazakhstan where she was one of its incorporators and founders.

In 2005, Vladimir I. Shabalin was granted the status a patent agent in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2005, the Company employed Irina G. Kuchaeva as a patent agent, who was attested in 1993 and before 2005 she had worked in a large company of patent agents having appropriate broad experience.

In 2015, Assylbek Abdykulov, who has been a patent agent since 2005, has joined the company as a partner. Mr. Abdykulov has a law degree and brings broad experience protecting intellectual property rights in court

Yaroslav Agrafenin has joined the company in the year of 2010. Mr. Agrafenin has a law degree, and has received the status of a patent agent in 2015.

Xenya Kompanets has been with the company since 2011. Ms. Kompanets has a law degree, and has received the status of a patent agent in 2015.

Twelve persons are currently employed by the Company including five patent agents.

In addition to the key personnel of the Company, leading specialists in various branches of knowledge are involved by it. All that ensures that services are provided at a high professional level.